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Who we are

Our company is specialized in coating technologies for rubber/metal and rubber/plastic bonding.


• Automotive
• Civil (seismic)
• Hydraulics
• White industry
• Energy

Our structure

• Total area: 3,300 mq
• Production area : 2.100 mq
• Warehouse: 1.100 mq
• Offices: 100 mq


Total employees: 53
• 10 employees
o 1 production technician
o 4 quality employees
o 1 administrative
o 2 logistics and programming
o 2 Purchase Office
• 43 direct workers::
o 7 sandblasting and washing department
o 2 micro-phosphating department
o 2 material handling operators
o 32 coating department (manual and automatic)

Our history

1983: company establishment
1998: start of Micro-phosphating plant
2002: ISO 9001/2008 Certification (Certiquality)
2003: validation of Micro-phosphating process by LORD corp. (U.S.A.)
2006: expansion of the production plant (700 m2added)
2006: installation of a post-combustion system for the removal of solvent fumes in the atmosphere
2008: further expansion of our coating plants
2010: Start of a new production line for coating rubber profiles
2010: Start of vulcanization-mold washing line and recovery of vulcanized metal parts
2014: new customer, "LORD" Italia s.r.l.
2015: warehouse- and inbound freight area expansion
2016: purchase of new corundum blasting systems
2017: purchase of a new adhesive pre-mixing machine
2017: introduction of a new Management Software to control and manage the production process
2018: purchase of a new sensor for measuring adhesive thickness