— Environment

Our company is located in a strategic area, within a high-density industrial area called "Rubber Valley", due to the strong presence of manufacturing companies–among which our main customers are to be found– specialized in the molding and processing of rubber items.

Our company is modern and equipped with all the means needed for fire prevention and fumes aspiration. The impact on the territory is limited to processing residues, such as metal grit, corundum dust, washing waste water and micro-phosphating sludge. All the residues are collected and regularly disposed of by suppliers in recovery areas, in compliance with existing laws on products’ disposal. In addition, the fumes derived from the coating process are conveyed in a post-combustor which eliminates the solvents. This system is also regularly checked, pursuant to the current law. The heat used to dry metal parts is also recovered from the combustor.

Given the considerable energy costs, the Management has decided to add an energy normalization system to our new modulating burners, thus obtaining good results and further savings.

In recent years, environment has represented the field into which the company has decided to invest the most. Important interventions have been carried out to secure the paint deposit and to stock solvents in underground tanks.